tickets, plural noun

EnglishShow more Idiomatic use of general English ticket.
‘Curtains’, the end. Cf. finish and klaar (see klaar adjective sense 4 b).
1966 S. Clouts One LifeIt was luck but it was bad luck, maaster. I am Hotknife of Capricorn an she was in de Crab sir. It was tiekets.
1974 A.P. Brink Looking on Darkness 327‘What are we going to live on if we appeal?’ ‘It’s tickets anyway,’ said Lucy. ‘I can’t take it any longer...This time it’s finish’ en’ klaar.’
1984 Sunday Times 29 Jan. (Mag. Sect.) 10Debbie checks the man’s pupils and pulse. Ah...I think he’s dead. Tickets.
1986 L. Sampson in Style May 10He points again to the photograph album, ‘There’s the one time Chief Justice of the Cape. If you ever got in front of him it was tickets.’
1994 T. Quirk on TV1, 12 Dec.I think that is tickets for New Zealand.
‘Curtains’, the end.

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