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klaar, adjective

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, ready, finished, done, exhausted.
Finished, in the following senses:
1. Ready, prepared, completed; gedaan sense 2.
1852 M.B. Hudson S. Afr. Frontier Life 208I, as a guest, no enjoyment to mar, Lie slumbering on, till the coffee is ‘klaar’.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 262Klaar,..This word is in every-day use in the Midland Districts of the Colony, both among English and Dutch, in both its meanings — clear and ready.
2. Over; all gone.
1960 J. Cope Tame Ox 180Well, that’s how it is. Finished, klaar. Take my kit out of Swart’s boat and put it back in the shed.
1978 C. Van Wyk in Staffrider Vol.1 No.2, 36When you want the stuff, it’s klaar. Don’t lieg, man, it’s all still there by the possie.
3. ‘Finished’, exhausted, depleted; ruined, ‘done for’. Cf. gedaan sense 1.
1964 J. Bennett Mr Fisherman (1967) 100‘We’re klaar,’ said Pillay. ‘That’s what it is.’ He felt all his strength, all the reserve of endurance which he had been nursing so jealously, ebb slowly away.
[1987 L. Beake Strollers 37Koosie spoke then, eventually, and Johnny thought that his words did him great credit. ‘En André?..En Pieter?’ he gasped. ‘Klaar,’ Abraham said, with great relish. (Finished? Johnny thought in great alarm, not dead, surely?) ‘Klaar,’ his brother continued, ‘in Jo-hann-es-burg.’]
4. In the phrases finish and klaar, finished and klaar, finish en klaar, or finished en klaar [Afrikaans en and]:
a. An emphatic interjection of finality, ‘that’s that’, ‘all done’, ‘nothing more to be said’.
1969 A. Fugard Boesman & Lena 16‘Take her’..finish en klaar. They know the way it is with our sort.
1991 P. Slabolepszy Braait Laaities. 12That’s very nice and all that, but it’s all over now, OK? Finish and Klaar.
b. Used predicatively: ‘had it’; ‘done for’; ‘over’, ‘final’; cf. tickets.
1970 R.S. Gibson Informant, N. TvlIt’s finished and klaar (finis).
1989 Informant, GrahamstownThe prodigal son had spent all his money, his friends had left him, he had nothing left, he was finished and klaar.
Ready, prepared, completed; gedaan2.
Over; all gone.
‘Finished’, exhausted, depleted; ruined, ‘done for’.
An emphatic interjection of finality, ‘that’s that’, ‘all done’, ‘nothing more to be said’.
‘had it’; ‘done for’; ‘over’, ‘final’;

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