springbuck, noun

South African Dutch
springbok sense 1 a. Also attributive.
1776 F. Masson in Phil. Trans. of Royal Soc. LXVI. 311They informed us, they had seen great flocks of the spring bucks.
1798 B. Stout Narr. of Loss of Ship ‘Hercules’ 82We frequently perceived..such droves of that species of deer which the farmers call spring buck, that we supposed one flock alone could not contain less than from twelve to fourteen thousand.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 290The variety of names by which it has been this antelope’s fate to be called by different writers, is rather remarkable. But Springbok by the Dutch, and Springbuck by the English inhabitants of the Cape, is the common appellation.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 109The springbucks were far the most numerous, and, like flocks of sheep, completely covered several parts of the plain...It was only occasionally, that they took those remarkable leaps which have been the origin of the name.
1829 C. Rose Four Yrs in Sn Afr. 204The beautiful spring-buck, with its bounding motion — spreading the snowy fur of its back, as it flies with a speed that laughs at the hunter.
1837 J.E. Alexander Narr. of Voy. I. 351An elegant springbuck or two appeared near the road; and, as with fairy-bound they cleared obstacles, showed large patches of white among their light brown skins.
1845 J. Collett Diary. II. 20 Aug.Caught about 30 young spring Bucks to day with our young Grey hounds.
1857 D. Livingstone Missionary Trav. 103Before we came to the Orange River we saw the last portion of a migration of springbucks (Gazella euchore, or tsépe). They came from the great Kalahari Desert, and, when first seen after crossing the colonial boundary, are said to often exceed forty thousand in number.
1887 H. Rider Haggard Jess p.xA couple of dozen or so of graceful yellow springbuck.
1895 J.G. Millais Breath from Veldt 23The most..successful springbuck shooter of Beaufort West.
1896 R. Ward Rec. of Big Game 163There are few better forms of rifle practice than stalking the fleet and wary Springbuck upon the great plains on which it loves to feed and disport itself.
1900 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. I. 212Springbucks are always found on the open dry plain so characteristic of the central and western parts of the Colony.
1926 P. Smith Beadle (1929) 63Jumping from tables and chairs in a series of leaps and bounds terrifying to behold and meant to represent the agility of a spring-buck.
c1936 S. & E. Afr. Yr Bk & Guide 1091The Springbuck (a. euchore; Dutch, springbok)...A most graceful animal and the only gazelle found in South Africa.
1973 E. Prov. Herald 26 Sept. 4The bag limits will be: Blesbuck two, rooirhebuck three, kudu two and springbuck four.
1974 [see E. Prov. Herald quot. at farm verb].
springbok1 a. Also attributive.
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