skorokoro, noun

Also isikorokoro, skorrokoro.
SeTswanaShow more SeTswana, old car; perhaps echoic (see quotation 1994); or adaptation of makgôrôkgôrô a cramped jumble, or segologolo old, antique.
1986 R. Bhengu in City Woman 2 Nov. p.viThose stickers were meant to distinguish a skorokoro from a ‘target’...One posh car even had a sticker that reads ‘I love Mshenguville’. Do I need to mention that the driver was white?
1987 Frontline Aug.Sept. 36In middle-class Parkview nobody raises an eyebrow if the lady of the house drives a beat-up old Beetle, but in Diepkloof Extension it is infra-dig to drive isikorokoro.
1987 Drive On Sept. 9Don’t let your car turn into a skorokoro!
1988 Pace Mar. 117I was resigning myself to keeping my old skorokoro on the road by whatever means until it finally gives up the ghost.
1989 Bumper sticker, GrahamstownThis car is not a skorokoro.
1991 C. Van Ulmenstein in Weekend Argus 12 Jan. 5‘Skorokoro’ is the name for old vehicles, a term which was used in an advertising campaign by Sasol.
1991 F. Anthony Journey 31Many years back the vehicle had been a beige Mazda...It now retained only the global aspect of its origin...The whole vehicle fitted the description Skorrokoro (used) which was the term of the region.
1991 O. Ericksson in Weekend Post 16 Nov. (Leisure) 4She called the bakkie a skorokoro, but Vusi told himself this would be the best bakkie ever made.
1994 Sunday Times 1 May 15Isikorokoro: What we’ll all be driving if car prices continue to escalate, battered heaps also known as sgodongo — both words mimic the sound of engines failing to start.

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