skop, skiet, en donder, noun phrase and & adjectival phrase

skiet, skopShow more Also skiet, skop, en donder; skop, skiet and donner; etc.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, skop kick + skiet shoot + en and + donder beat up.
A. noun phrase skiet en donder noun phrase.
1970 W.J. Hardman Informant, SwazilandThe film we saw last night was all skop, skiet en donner.
1978 Family Radio & TV 27 Mar. 36For a really good read, give me skop, skiet en donder.
1978 J. Rabie in Cape Times 2 Aug. 6Recently Jan Harmse..astonished the Afrikaans literary scene with ‘Zap-Zap’, the raciest, most satirical skop-skiet-en-donner to hit our market.
1986 Uniform 16 June 7Gung-ho skop, skiet and donner — but this time it goes too far.
1986 Frontline June 31‘Ag, it was the first black movie...Things have changed nowadays. The blacks fight with the white man, they knock him down, they even kill him.’ But don’t get the wrong idea. Van der Merwe is talking skiet, skop en donder, not politics.
1988 J. Bunke in Windhoek Advertiser (Namibia) 25 Nov. 5‘The Secret of my Success.’ This is a nice refreshing change from the usual ‘Skiet, Skop en Donner.’
1990 Sunday Times 1 Apr. 10Will he write another book? ‘Yes...Perhaps a skop-skiet-and-donder on illegal ivory trade in Namibia or Zimbabwe.’
1990 Grocott’s Mail 29 June 6For droolers of skop, skiet and donner Chuck Norris provides thrills and spills in Braddock: Missing in Action II.
B. adjectival phrase
1. skiet en donder adjectival phrase sense 1.
1972 Family Radio & TV 10 Jan.Sean Connery seems quite happy to have stepped back into his old role — even if it is of the skop-skiet-and-donder sort.
1985 Scope Apr. 5Ask stars of skop-skiet-en-donder TV shows about the violence and they usually softsoap it.
[1987 G. Silber in Style June 26The black movie sausage-machine annually churns out hundreds of skop, skiet, and phata-phata flicks.]
1989 Reader’s Digest Illust. Hist. of S. Afr. 7We may not have our lordly declaration of independence, but we have action, deviousness, and enough characters to fill a library of skop-skiet-en-donder novels.
1989 Weekly Mail 20 Oct. 30They are an interesting mixture of skiet, skop ’n donner films..; serious local films; and others which fit into neither category.
1989 Weekly Mail 3 Nov. 28Patrick Swayze stars in this ‘skop, skiet en donner’ number..about a bar-room bouncer hired to clean up a rural night club.
2. skiet en donder adjectival phrase sense 2.
1987 Weekly Mail 1 May 3Skop, skiet en donner election.
skiet en dondernoun phrase.
skiet en donderadjectival phrase1.
skiet en donderadjectival phrase2.
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