safe, adjective and & interjection

EnglishShow more Etymology uncertain; probably an extension of the general English sense ‘free of danger’.
A. adjective Good, worthy of approval or admiration.
1970 J. Stodel Informant, Cape TownWow, that new dance is safe. (It’s fabulous, wonderful, fantastic.)...A safe band is playing at the jeet tonight.
1974 J. Matthews Park (1983) 25Orkas looked up at her and smiled. ‘Jammie say yer my number forra five-titty,’ Orkas said. ‘Safe?’
1976 Darling 29 Sept.Give me a safe ensemble and a new hairstyle..and I can slay the ou’s with the rest of them.
1978 Fair Lady 29 Mar. 76‘Laid back’ is in, sweet like a lemon, safe, uptight, lekker..the thing to be.
1983 Sunday Times 31 July (Lifestyle) 4We bleached our ‘safe kuifs’, put rouge on our cheeks and padding into our bras.
1991 L. Horne Informant, Benoni‘That shirt with polka-dots is real safe!’ he said. ‘Cool’ is frozen, dead, out.
B. interjection An expression of approval or agreement.
1981 Fair Lady 9 Sept.A circle made with the forefinger and thumb and accompanied by a conspiratorial wink is obligatory when saying ‘Safe, my mate!’ This corresponds roughly to an Upper Cruster’s ‘Jolly good show’ or a Middle Classer’s ‘Fantastic’ or ‘Ten out of ten, my friend.’
Good, worthy of approval or admiration.
An expression of approval or agreement.
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