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safari, noun

English, Swahili, ArabicShow more General English (from Swahili), journey, expedition, from Arabic safar journey.
Used attributively in Special Combinations (designating clothing):
safari jacket, (a) bush jacket, see bush noun1 sense 1 b; (b) latterly, the top half of a safari suit;
safari pants, safari shorts, (a) (khaki) shorts having pockets with buttoned flaps; (b) (latterly) the bottom half of a safari suit;
safari suit, a light-weight informal working suit for men, consisting of a short-sleeved shirt with pockets, worn loosely over short or long trousers; also used allusively as a symbol of bad taste, or of bureaucracy; also attributive; hence safari-suited adjective.
1961 D. Bee Children of Yesterday 42He was dressed in a safari jacket and khaki shorts and stockings and heavy brown shoes.
1992 J. Wilhelm in Sunday Times 16 Feb. 11The Swiss are known for neutrality and the cuckoo clock. We came up with apartheid and the safari suit.