papa, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans pap porridge + -a, a noun-ending common to many Sintu (Bantu) languages.
Mainly among speakers of Sintu (Bantu) languages: pap noun sense 1.
1957 A.A. Murray Blanket 100Stiff papa made from mealie-meal, and coagulated lumps of dried beans and peas, cooked to a glutinous solidity.
1981 B. Mfenyana in M. Mutloatse Reconstruction 294If I pour cold papa into Dilly’s suphu and he starts, ‘This your recent act of causing that aqueous substance to commingle with my...’ he is not communicating.
1983 N.S. Ndebele Fools 14Your family gets knocked down with all kinds of disease...Softies, all of you...Instead of eating papa and beans, you have too many sandwiches!
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