paardeziekte, noun

paarde-siekte, paarde ziektShow more Also paarde-siekte, paarde ziekt, paard-ziekte, perdesiekte, perdeziekte.
South African Dutch, Afrikaans, DutchShow more South African Dutch (later Afrikaans perdesiekte), from Dutch paard horse + euphonic -e- + ziekte disease.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 254The remarkable for being one of the few situations in this part of the country where horses are not liable to the Paardeziekte (Horse distemper), which rages during the summer season, and annually carries off great numbers.
1846 J.C. Brown tr. of T. Arbousset’s Narr. of Explor. Tour to N.-E. of Col. 113At all events your horses will be replaced by us, if they die of the paarde-siekte.
1896 R. Wallace Farming Indust. of Cape Col. 319Horse-sickness or ‘paard-ziekte’, Oedema mycosis, is a deadly epizootic disease which has been known in Cape Colony since 1719. It is annually in evidence in some places.
1896 R. Wallace Farming Indust. of Cape Col. 321There are at least two varieties of the disease:..The paard-ziekte, the common form in which the lungs are most seriously affected...The dikkop.
1920 F.C. Cornell Glamour of Prospecting 73In the near vicinity were to be seen several swollen, rotten carcasses of goats, cattle, sheep, or horses, dead of lungsiekte or nieusiekte or paardeziekte.
1973 O.H. Spohr tr. of F. Krauss’s Trav. Jrnl 28Lamziekte amongst the cattle and perdeziekte amongst horses are dreaded diseases.
1983 J.A. Brown White Locusts 264I have a remedy for the perdesiekte, the horse sickness.

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