offal, noun

English, AfrikaansShow more Special sense of general English offal ‘the parts which are cut off in dressing the carcase of an animal killed for food’ (OED); influenced by Afrikaans afval with these senses.
a. kop-en-pootjies. b. This dish with tripe and brains added. In both senses also called afval. See also pens en pootjies.
1901 D.M. Wilson Behind Scenes in Tvl 22The whole holiday party had retired to sleep after indulging in a literal gorge on a mess of sheep’s head and feet called offal, the signs of which were all over their persons.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 345Offal, (D. afval, refuse, offal.) Sheep’s head and feet, cleaned and prepared for cooking, are offered for sale in Midland towns by this name, which is a corruption of the Dutch word.
[1970 M. Hobson Informant, Tzaneen‘Ofval’ is a popular South African dish, consisting of ‘pens’, ‘kop’ en ‘pookies’.]
1982 Signature Jan. 17Whether its fresh fish, fillet steak or offal that takes the fancy, Kleinplasie will ensure a memorable meal.
1985 J. Cloete in S.-Easter Oct.Nov. 30The Crayfish Tour includes..a gastronomic introduction to Swartland boerekos — offal, milktart and sosaties.
1988 E. Maluleke in Drum Apr. 37I taught her how to cook pap, and we had offal together.
1994 Weekend Post 8 Jan. (Leisure) 6Starters, meat, chicken, offal, making your own sausages..are all dealt with in this excellent book.
This dish with tripe and brains added. In both senses also called afval.
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