kop-en-pootjies, noun

kop en poitjes, kop-en-pooitjiesShow more Also kop en poitjes, kop-en-pooitjies, kop en pootje, kop en pootjes.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, kop head + en and + poot foot of animal, hoof + diminutive suffix -ie + plural suffix -s.
A traditional dish of sheep’s head and trotters; offal sense a. Cf. pens en pootjies.
1890 A.G. Hewitt Cape Cookery 24Engelegte Kop en Pootjes. Take a well-cleaned sheep’s head and feet, put them in a deep saucepan.
1913 A. Glossop Barnes’s S. Afr. Hsehold Guide 321Kop en Pootjes. Take a well-cleaned sheep’s head and feet.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 278Kop-en-pootje,..The designation of a favourite Dutch dish, the principal ingredients of which are sheep’s head and feet.
1925 L.D. Flemming Crop of Chaff 58Find farmer friend with whom I discuss ‘kop and poitjes’ and rust in oats.
c1937 E. Craig Cookery Illust. & Hsehold Management 649Kop-en-Pootjies. (Sheep’s head and Trotters) 1 Sheep’s head. 4 Trotters. 2 tablespoons Vinegar. 4 Onions. Salt. Pepper. Cloves.
1945 Outspan 20 July 37The Transvaal Bushveld can boast the best cooking in South Africa..but the best kop-en-pooitjies comes from the Karroo.
1958 A. Jackson Trader on Veld 43During the summer the main fare was mutton and mutton again, but the by-products were by no means uninteresting — the ‘kop en pootjes’ (head and trotters), the tripe, liver, kidney and ‘kaains’.
1973 Farmer’s Weekly 25 Apr. 101Kop en pootjies (sheep’s head and trotters) and pens en pootjies (tripe and trotters) are two more traditional dishes of the Cape which may be classified as stews — but what stews!
1979 M. Parkes Wheatlands 49The dogs and cats enjoying a feast of ‘kop en pooitjies’ which had found its way to the floor in the pot in which it had been cooking on the stove.
1985 T. Baron in Frontline Feb. 30Hardened farmers stood back in awe at the sight of our attack on Mrs Paxton’s kop en pootjies, or rather the kop en pootjies she had been cooking for the past couple of days.
A traditional dish of sheep’s head and trotters; offala.
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