non-voter, noun

Coined by K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum magazine, referring to the fact that blacks had no vote during the apartheid era.
In urban (especially township) English: a jocular term for a black person.
1966 K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum 30 Jan. 20I turn around and recognise this non-voter as none other than Sis Well — the doll at whose wedding we sang.
1974 K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum 22 Apr. 28I am a very peace-loving non-voter and I never wish to witness a punch-up between husband and wife.
1974 K.M.C. Motsisi in Drum [see stokkie noun1].
1978 M. Mutloatse Casey & Co.Introduction, Putting together this baby that’s Casey & Company was one hell of a task for this non-voter.
1982 Voice 31 Jan. 3The lack of land for non-voters and such legislation as the Urban Areas Act, made it impossible for Blacks to be in a position to generate the necessary finance to build their own houses.
1987 Dekaffirnated Stan in Drum Apr. 33For a moment I thought this non-voter was either forgetting himself or had become certifiable.
1990 M. Kentridge Unofficial War 141He..tended to feature centrally in everything he wrote, referred to either in the first person as the lower-case ‘i’, or in the third person as ‘voteless’, a reference to Motsisi’s collective term for South African blacks: ‘non-voters’.
a jocular term for a black person.
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