stokkie, noun1

Also stokie.
EnglishShow more Formed on stokvel + English (informal) noun-forming suffix -ie (or -ie).
A colloquial short form of stokvel.
1974 M.V. Motsisi in Drum 8 Mar. 29Tells me to join him at his pal’s place who is having a stockvel...We all go...Before we can drink, some non-voter whose house and stokkie this turns out to be, comes out of the bedroom.
1977 E. Prov. Herald 14 Oct. 6The existence of the ‘stokies’ which had mushroomed all over the townships was indicative of the community’s desire for better entertainment...At the ‘stokies’ music is played, and there is plenty to eat and drink.
1979 Voice 24 Jan. 3AStokvels or ‘stokies’ are not only a money-saving device, they are also a [sic] tremendous social value to people. That is where we meet, in a relaxed atmosphere.
1987 Learn & Teach No.1, 47I must just play along. As long as I’m not very late for the stokkie.
1991 T. wa Molakeng in Weekly Mail 28 Mar. 15The law doesn’t give a bean about stokkies; there is no legislation that governs them...Stokkies today aim at less sepulchral purposes than funeral expenses. Some members swop money in order to start up business ventures.
A colloquial short form of stokvel.
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