momela, noun

Also mamele.
SeTswana, SothoShow more SeTswana and Sotho, ‘malted grain’.
Among Sothos and Tswanas: mtombo sense 1. See also mtombo-mmela (mtombo sense 2).
1929 in A.M. Duggan-Cronin Bantu Tribes II. i. Pl.17The beer is made from sprouted Kaffir corn (momela), and the thick gruel thus obtained is strained through a grass strainer.
1971 M. Britz Informant, Petrusburg (OFS)When I went in to town momela was always on my shopping list — the stuff they use to
1979 Y. Burgess Say Little Mantra 112The natives..were making mamele, from corn, very strong but it was clean in those days, not like the skokiaan they put battery acid in today.
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