mngqush, mngqusho, noun

gnush, ngqushShow more Also gnush, ngqush, noosh, nush, umngqushu.
Maize kernels, coarsely broken, and usually cooked with dried beans. See also samp.
1962 W.D. Hammond-Tooke Bhaca Soc. 44Occasionally a light meal of stamped maize (umngqusho) and marewu (unfermented beer) is taken on returning from the fields.
1970 S. Sparks Informant, Fort BeaufortPour your maas over the ‘nush’ and sprinkle with sugar. Eat from a soup plate with a spoon. ‘Nush’ is samp. This is a favourite dish amongst Eastern Cape farmers.
1976 Drum 15 May 2The old women are washing the calabashes for the biggest drink-in the country has ever known, and also preparing tons and tons of mngqusho and ncancwa.
1979 E. Prov. Herald 30 Oct. 1Though they were fed mostly on vegetables, they missed their usual diet of stamped mealies (umgqusho) and mealie porridge (umpholoqo).
1980 Voice 20 Aug. 14Today the migrant workers bring ‘high culture’ and Town Talk to the bundu. But, the villagers hit back — by taking Umabatha (the drama) and mngqusho back to London.
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 198Women boiled water and cooked meat and umngqusho in huge black three-legged pots over open fires. Now and again they called on the men to shift the pots.
1986 Anon. handbillWhy not sommer just come in, sit right down, and see what the potjiekos is like. You could meet some of your best friends there, over a lovely dish of congealed ngqush.
1986 Learn & Teach No.2, 29The school is like umgqushu, all mixed up, the beans and the samp together. We are like that, Africans, and coloureds and whites, all together.
1987 Rhodeo (Rhodes Univ.) Apr. 4A hundred and twenty litres of umqomboti, a Xhosa home brew, was served along with gnush samp.
1987 M. Poland Train to DoringbultWhen they were small she and Chrissie had built shelters, cooked ngqush, played endlessly at hospitals.
Maize kernels, coarsely broken, and usually cooked with dried beans.
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