samp, noun

U.S. English, Algonquian, NarragansettShow more Extended use of U.S. English, ‘coarsely-ground maize’, from Algonquian nasamp, Narragansett nasaump ‘softened by water’ (applied to stews, cereal, and bouillon).
Coarsely ground maize kernels; the stiff ‘porridge’ made of these kernels; stamp; stamped mealies. Also attributive. See also mngqush(o).
A staple food for many.
1900 Grocott’s Penny Mail 6 July 1 (advt)30 Bags Bran, 50 Bags Samp.
1902 E. Hobhouse Brunt of War 117½ lb. either meal, rice, samp or potatoes.
1916 Farmer’s Weekly 20 Dec. 1454 (advt)Before placing your orders for Mealies, Kaffir Corn, Mealie Meal, Samp or Wheat or Meal elsewhere,..ask Messrs. Freeman & quote.
1955 W. Illsley Wagon on Fire 187He saw two little piccanins fighting with his master’s dog for possession of a plate of scraps, meat and samp.
1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 31A dish of samp mealies — a sort of hominy dish — with meat followed by more tea.
1965 K. Mackenzie Deserter 139He scooped up some samp — squashed-together boiled mealies — from a bowl and pushed it into his mouth.
1972 Grocott’s Mail 1 Feb. 3The basic diet for many families has become samp and pumpkin, both having little nutritive value.
1979 Y. Burgess Say Little Mantra 111Old Boer recipes like bredies and sugar beans and yellow rice and stiff mealie meal porridge and boerewors and samp and sour milk.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 43The samp is part of our payment — we receive a bag as big as this one you’re wearing plus ten rands every month’s end.
1981 Job Mava (Ikwezi Players) in Staffrider Vol.3 No.4, 27My wife, Noamen, was at home, cooking our samp and beans on the primus stove.
1988 K. Barris Small Change 75He had one memory left of his childhood..: a black, three-legged pot standing on the ground.., a few cowpats smouldering, slowly cooking the samp all day long.
1991 A. Van Wyk Birth of New Afrikaner 44We lived close to the..arbeidskoloniewinkel (labour colony store) with its profusion of tickey’s (three-pence) worth of salt, sugar, coffee or samp, to be paid for from the next harvest.
Coarsely ground maize kernels; the stiff ‘porridge’ made of these kernels; stamp; stamped mealies. Also attributive.
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