mierkat, noun

Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, calque formed on Dutch meerkat (see meerkat), mier ant, termite + kat cat.
meerkat. Also attributive.
1901 O.E.A. Schreiner Thoughts on S. Afr. (1923) 19There was a possibility that the red African mier-kat might ultimately creep back into its hole in the red African earth.
1918 C. Garstin Sunshine Settlers 179As we finished dinner, the dogs came home, bearing the corpse of a mierkat amongst them.
1937 C.R. Prance Tante Rebella’s Saga 128No other sign of life, save here and there a ‘mierkat’ like a ground-squirrel, bobbing out from his warren to stand upright.
1947 C.R. Prance Antic Mem. 132The Commandant’s pony had bolted across a ‘mierkat’ warren and turned a somersault.
1949 Cape Argus 3 Sept. (Mag. Sect.) 1To most people it is just a ‘mierkat’, but in reality it is a rodent, a squirrel, and quite different from the insect-eating, slender-tailed mierkat that is to be found in the same vicinity.
1990 Skinner & Smithers Mammals of Sn Afr. Subregion 490Both Suricata and Cynictis are referred to as ‘mierkat’; ‘mier’ = the Afrikaans for termite and ‘kat’ = mongoose; both species are associated with termite..mounds in the Orange Free State.
meerkat. Also attributive.

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