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mesem, noun

Also mesemb, and with initial capital.
Shortened form of genus name Mesembryanthemum, ‘first coined by Jacob Breyne in 1689 to convey the meaning “noon-flowering” from the Greek “mesembria” meaning midday; it was adopted by Linnaeus when he founded the genus.’ (D. Court, Succulent Flora of Sn Afr., 1981, p.31).
vygie. Also attributive.
1928 H.M.L. Bolus Notes on Mesembrianthemum I. 7By far the larger number..are at the height of their glory when the sun is hottest. They are what might be called the ‘normal Mesembs’.
1991 D.M. Moore Garden Earth 195‘Mesems’ (succulents of the family Aizoaceae),..include Mesembryanthemum, with its daisylike flowers in brilliant pinks, oranges and yellows.
vygie. Also attributive.

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