maar, conjunction and adverb

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, ‘but’, ‘yet’, ‘only’, ‘just’.
A. conjunction. But, yet.
Often used to indicate that Afrikaans speech is being reported.
1892 The Jrnl 12 Jan. 3One day as he sat upon his stoep, he saw a number of bovines in the field. ‘Klaas’...‘Ja, baas’, ‘Take these cattle to the skit at once.’ ‘Maar baas –’ ‘Don’t baas me, take them off.’ ‘Maar, baas –’.
1896 M.A. Carey-Hobson At Home in Tvl 280‘Maar, Sieur,’ remonstrated the man; ‘Sieur forgets that I told him there were two young ladies in the waggon.’
1912 F. Bancroft Veldt Dwellers 83Maar this man — a devil at fighting — is still at large on our borders, and able to do us mischief.
1920 R. Juta Tavern 175Allemachtig! Maar Georgie, I myself begin to think these are mysteries you and I will never discover.
1931 F.C. Slater Secret Veld 300Jan Woest laughed...‘Maar, Oom Piet’ he said, ‘you are losing all the interest upon your money.’
1974 A.P. Brink Looking on Darkness 50If it must break my poor old far’er’s heart, it’s ok maar just too bed for I love you.
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 132I went there before coming here. Maar before that I’d been to Inhlazane.
B. adverb colloquial Often used redundantly.
1. rare. Used as an intensifier; cf. darem, only.
1913 A.B. Marchand Dirk, S. African 77 (Swart)The bearer of bad tidings is maar unwelcome.
1970 E. Mundell Informant, Pearston (E. Cape)The sheep are maar pretty thin.
2. Simply, merely, just. Cf. sommer.
a1931 S. Black in S. Gray Three Plays (1984) 167Ja, I used to have pains in my belly...The doctor said I’ve got maar a stone inside.
1938 George & Knysna Herald 19 Oct. 1I been living quietly lately, so last week I said to Agapantha we could maar go to the Rugby Ball just to see a little bit of life.
1963 M. Kavanagh We Merry Peasants 14Ag, ja wat, lady. It’s all right. I’m just maar thinking what it is that you must send to the Transvaal for.
1970 S. Roberts in Ophir Sept. 12He is arrested it’s maar for the best i’m not going to be sucker to bail him out.
1977 Fugard & Devenish Guest 46‘Louis, I’m beginning to lose my temper with you.’ ‘Then you must maar lose it, Pa, because..I’ve had enough.’
1979 D. Smuts (tr. of E. Joubert’s Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena) in Fair Lady 9 May 112Then the Lord must maar look after me.
1991 TV1, 27 July (News)I suppose we’ll never be ready. We’re going to maar find out the hard way what to do.
But, yet.
Used as an intensifier; cf. darem, only.
Simply, merely, just.

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