kakie, noun

Also kaki, and with initial capital.
Afrikaans, EnglishShow more Afrikaans, British soldier, from English khaki dull brownish-yellow, the colour of their uniforms; cf. khaki.
1. In historical contexts. khaki noun sense 1 a.
1949 A. Keppel-Jones When Smuts Goes 209There had been rumours..that the invading Kakies and Yankees were displaying a strange flag that was neither the Union Jack nor Old Glory.
1958 I. Vaughan Diary 15Willem said here is a kaki. The Tommy rode fast up to us and said what place is this.
1969 J. Meintjes Sword in Sand 56Once he was in British hands and felt himself unfairly treated, it gave him satisfaction to think how many Kakies he had despatched on that dramatic day.
1988 G.R. Goosen in Smuts & Alberts Forgotten Highway through Ceres & Bokkeveld 137He..had to devise a plan to prevent the ‘Kakies’ from taking his draught horses off the land.
2. combination.
kakiebos /-bɔs/ [Afrikaans, bos bush], khaki bush (see khaki adjective sense 1 b); also attributive, and occasionally kakiebossie /-bɔsi/ [see -ie];
kakieridder /-rədə(r)/ in historical contexts. [Afrikaans, ridder knight], an ironical term used by pro-German Afrikaners to describe government informers during the First World War.
1953 A. Paton Phalarope 146He came to the place where the blue-gums are, and the Kakiebos weed in the vacant ground.
1962 D. Marais I Got a Licence (cartoon)There’s always hakea, kakiebos, Australian wattle, [etc.].
1970 H.M. Musmeci Informant, Port ElizabethThe veld is full of kakiebossie.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama May 35Many a South African farmer who fights a losing battle trying to clear his fields of persistent ‘kakiebos’ would shed tears at the sight of the devotedly cultivated fields of ‘tagetes’ (kakiebos) on the farm.
1980 N. Ferreira Story of Afrikaner 37There were signs of the remains of a homestead and kraal now covered with kakiebos.
1993 I. Vladislavić Folly 61He..breathed in a blend of BBQ Sauce and charbroiled lamb;..the spicy marinade combined exquisitely with the delicate herby aroma of the heap..tarragon..cinnamon..kakibos.
1978 J. Lawrence Harry Lawrence 138Hertzog said he had made contact with Leibbrandt, who was doing good work — he had already given a few kakieridders a good hiding.
khakinoun1 a.
, an ironical term used by pro-German Afrikaners to describe government informers during the First World War.
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