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ipiti, noun

epiti, impitiShow more Also epiti, impiti, ipiete, ipite, iputi, peetie, peté, piti, pootie.
Zulu, XhosaShow more Zulu iphithi, Xhosa iphuthi.
The blue duiker (see duiker sense 1 b), Philantomba monticola. Also attributive.
1836 R.M. Martin Hist. of S. Afr. 138They display considerable taste in the arrangement of their dress, particularly for the head, which is covered by a turban made of the skin of the ‘ipiete’, a species of antelope.
1953 R. Campbell Mamba’s Precipice 25Vemvan had found the python fast asleep and scarcely able to wake up, because it had just swallowed a whole peetie-buck.
The blue duikerduiker1 b, Philantomba monticola. Also attributive.

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