ipiti, noun

epiti, impitiShow more Also epiti, impiti, ipiete, ipite, iputi, peetie, peté, piti, pootie.
Zulu, XhosaShow more Zulu iphithi, Xhosa iphuthi.
The blue duiker (see duiker sense 1 b), Philantomba monticola. Also attributive.
1836 R.M. Martin Hist. of S. Afr. 138They display considerable taste in the arrangement of their dress, particularly for the head, which is covered by a turban made of the skin of the ‘ipiete’, a species of antelope.
1870 C. Hamilton Life & Sport in S.-E. Afr. 67We made a permanent stand for a few days to hunt ipiti buck, the smallest of all South African antelopes.
1878 T.J. Lucas Camp Life & Sport 101Immediately around Pietermaritzburg the game is comparatively scarce, consisting principally of the small Ipite Bok, a graceful little antelope.
1879 R.J. Atcherley Trip to Boërland 26There is little shooting to be obtained near Durban, except in the shape of birds and small buck...I shot a few small buck known as impiti,..not much larger than a hare, and of a mouse-grey colour, with short spiked horns.
1900 W.L. Sclater Mammals of S. Afr. I. 163The Blue Duiker...Peté of the Natal Colonists.
1905 D. Blackburn Richard Hartley, Prospector 244The beautiful little ipiti, no bigger than a toy-terrier and quite as sprightly and alert.
1907 W.C. Scully By Veldt & Kopje 266I doubt if you would find an ‘iputi’ in the Didima Forest.
1908 E. London Dispatch 18 Nov. 4 (Pettman)The presence in Swaziland of the delicately formed little Natal bluebuck, more generally known as the piti, was not suspected until recently.
1912 E. London Dispatch 4 Oct. 9 (Pettman)I was after pooties at the time.
[1926 R. Lydekker Game Animals Afr. 143 (heading)Blue Buck or Blue Duiker...Ipiti, Zulu.]
1934 B.I. Buchanan Pioneer Days 33Twice we saw some of the fairy bucks — the darling little ipiti — which immediately won our hearts.
1953 R. Campbell Mamba’s Precipice 25Vemvan had found the python fast asleep and scarcely able to wake up, because it had just swallowed a whole peetie-buck.
The blue duikerduiker1 b, Philantomba monticola. Also attributive.
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