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iqabane, noun

iqabane, qabaneShow more singular iqabane; singular and plural qabane; plural amaqabane, amaqabani, amaquabane, maqabane, maqabanes.
Also with initial or medial capital.
usually amaqabane or maqabane.
Xhosa, ZuluShow more Probably originally Xhosa, subsequently also Zulu, ‘friend’, ‘companion’: singular prefix i- + -qabane, from qabana be close friends (literally ‘paint, smear each other’), qaba paint, smear + reciprocal suffix -ana (cf. qaba). For notes on plural forms, see ama-, i- and ma- prefix3.
Usually in the plural, as a collective term: the comrades, see comrade. Also attributive.
1985 E. Prov. Herald 8 Oct. 3Youths were enforcing the consumer boycott through manning..‘maqabane roadblocks’, meaning comrades’ roadblocks, where passing cars were being stoned if they failed to stop.
1990 Weekend Argus 29 Sept. 1The youths, mostly in African National Congress T-shirts and calling themselves ‘amaqabani’ (comrades), were addressed by four special constables.
the comrades, see comrade. Also attributive.

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