intombazana, noun

ntombazana, ntonbizaniShow more Also ntombazana, ntonbizani, tombazaan, tombesan, tombozane.
intombazanas, amantombazana.
Xhosa, ZuluShow more Xhosa and Zulu, intombi girl + feminine diminutive suffix -azana.
A little girl; also used as a respectful form of address. See also intombi.
1836 N. Isaacs Trav. (1937) II. 101We were not a little amused by some ‘tombesans’, or girls, who assembled and danced round us.
1929 M. Alston From Old Cape Homestead 249A number of plump, pleasant-faced ‘tombozanes’ came flocking round the verandah.
1957 B. Fraser Sunshine & Lamplight 8The young amantombazana (girls) and izinsizwa (youths) were crowded around near the sweet counter.
1979 F. Dike First S. African 26Austin:..Ntombazana come...If we don’t take you back your father will expect a bride’s price.
1982 E. Prov. Herald 4 May 1Princess Di will have a ntonbizani — a little queen.
[1987 M. Poland Train to Doringbult 53Elsa took the baby and brought it to Chrissie. ‘Yintombazana, Chrissie. It’s a girl,’ she said.]
1988 A. Amaphixiphixi in Frontline Apr.May 28I have heard a radio announcer speak of Zola and fondly refer to her as ‘Intombazana’ meaning the little girl.
1991 Style Dec. 92Speculating mischievously about the absurdity of a system which would jail the sun worshippers of Sandy Bay for doing what the tombazaans do with impunity at Gatsha’s rallies.
A little girl; also used as a respectful form of address.
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