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international, adjective

EnglishShow more Special senses of general English international pertaining to relations between nations.
See also nation.
1. Also inter-national. Inter-racial, intergroup.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 112The boors occasionally suffer heavy losses: but the Bushmen, in exculpation, declare that they rob in retaliation of past injuries. Thus, the recollection of injustice on both sides, still operates to produce an international enmity.
1990 S. Gray in Staffrider Vol.9 No.1, 49That week, to much publicity, some prestigious restaurants had succeeded in becoming ‘open’ to ‘international’ diners of colour.
2. Of bars and licensed hotels, restaurants, and trains, in terms of the Liquor Act: open to all races. Also transferred sense.
1975 J.T. Kruger in Hansard 22 May 6563Provision is being made in this clause for the establishment of what I shall call ‘international hotels’ and other on-consumption distribution points to which non-Whites may be admitted...Application for international status will have to be made annually.
1985 Weekly Mail 1 Nov. 17One thing which certainly jars with the colonial past are the ‘international status’ bars. And while even with the upcoming change in the liquor laws some bars will stay segregated, it should lead to greater choice for all of us who don’t like racial separation.
Inter-racial, intergroup.
open to all races. Also transferred sense.

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