ingqanga, noun

Also inganga, ingquanga.
The berghaan (sense 2), Terathopius ecaudatus.
1937 B.J.F. Laubscher Sex, Custom & Psychopathology 15The Inganga, a species of vulture, portends, by its presence, a coming catastrophe such as war, pestilence or severe and prolonged drought.
1939 N.J. Van Warmelo in A.M. Duggan-Cronin Bantu Tribes III. i. 26It was thought a good omen if an eagle (ingqanga) flew over the army in the direction of the enemy, but bad if it approached from the front.
1970 A. Fulton I Swear to Apollo 28High above, hanging motionless on widespread wings was the dark, dread shape of Ingqanga, the mountain eagle.
The berghaan (sense 2), Terathopius ecaudatus.
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