ingoma busuku, noun phrase

Also ingoma ebusuku, ngoma busuku.
ZuluShow more Zulu, contraction of ingoma ebusuku, ingoma see ingoma + ebusuku at night.
mbube. Also attributive.
In Zulu, the earliest widespread name for this style.
1978 Speak Vol.1 No.5, 5This style of music, first called Ingoma Ebusuku (night music) and later mbube or ‘bombing’, was performed live in Western dress in a stage context imitative of European or elite African choral music.
1980 D.B. Coplan Urbanization of African Performing Arts. 153The ingoma ebusuku male choral style came from Zulu and Swazi industrial and domestic workers with rural backgrounds and little or no Western education. They added only mission-school concert traditions from Natal...The original model for ingoma ebusuku appears to have been performance of turn of the century rural or small town weddings.
1984 S. Zungu in Pace Oct. 64I like choral music, ngoma busuku, Black Mambazo and all those things.
1990 [see Tribute quot. at isicathamiya].
mbube. Also attributive.
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