inboek, verb transitive

Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, from Dutch inboeken to register, enter in a book.
apprentice verb. Also (Englished form) inbook.
The forms ‘ingeboeked’ and ‘ingeboekt’ reflect the influence of both Dutch (later Afrikaans) and English grammatical conventions governing passive voice and past tense.
1846 Natal Witness 6 Mar.I remember being (ingeboekd) bound apprentice to Mr. Maritz.
1857 J.M. Orpen Hist. of Basutus 73He then went and gave Boshuli a riding-mare and a horse, for which he got two children, whom the magistrate ‘inboeked’ (apprenticed).
1882 C.L. Norris-Newman With Boers in Tvl 57The children so procured were indentured (or as it is called ‘Inboeked’ [printed Inbocked] up to the age of twenty-two or twenty-five years’ — and as the Kaffirs rarely knew their age, this indentureship lasted as long as the master pleased.
1946 S. Cloete Afr. Portraits 55Some Kaffir children were captured and these were ingeboekt — that is to say, apprenticed to various Boer families, where they would be kept under supervision till they came of age.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 155It only needed Somerset’s permission to landdrosts to inboek orphans to reduce the Hottentots to the level of serfs at the disposal of the local officials.
1968 E.A. Walker Hist. of Sn Afr. 291The laws seem to have been observed in republican Natal. There apprentices had to be ingeboekt (registered) before an official.
apprenticeverb. Also (Englished form) inbook.
Hence inboeked participial adjective; inboeking verbal noun, apprenticeship.
1896 M.A. Carey-Hobson At Home in Tvl 255Under the specious name of ‘inbooking’ (a form of apprenticeship) they were actually made slaves for an indefinite number of years.
1896 M.A. Carey-Hobson At Home in Tvl 405‘That is what it is makes the English say we Boers will have slaves,’ remarked Cobus; ‘but it’s not true. My father and I give decent wages to our people, and we always find them willing to work for us, inboeking or no inboeking.’
1896 M.A. Carey-Hobson At Home in Tvl 522He must have been one of those inboeked children that never grew out of their apprenticeship.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 224Inbooking,..The anglicized form of the word used by the Dutch in the Transvaal for a system of apprenticing natives that was open to great abuse.
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