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hardbieshuis, noun

hardbeeshuis, hardebieshuisShow more Also hardbeeshuis, hardebieshuis, hardebiesieshuis.
hardbieshuise /ˈhartbishœɪsə/, /ˈhartbisheɪsə/.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, hard hard + bies reed + huis house; see quotation 1952.
obsolescent except in historical contexts, Architecture
hartebeest house, see hartebeest adjective. Occasionally also hardbieshuisie [see -ie].
1952 J. Walton Homesteads & Villages 92Hardbieshuise..were of such widespread occurrence in the early days of settlement across the Orange that they may be regarded as the typical house-type of the period.
1969 D. Child Yesterday’s Children 113The first Voortrekker house had been the hardbieshuis in which stout reeds or harde biesies were used for covering a timber framework.
hartebeest house, see hartebeestadjective. Occasionally also hardbieshuisiesee -ie.

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