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group, noun

EnglishShow more Narrowed sense of general English, influenced by group area.
1. An ethnic group, as defined under the Group Areas Act (see group area noun phrase sense 2 a). Also attributive.
1950 Act 41 in Stat. of Union 415The Governor-General may..declare that..the area defined in the proclamation shall be an area for occupation by members of the group specified therein.
1989 E. Prov. Herald 23 Aug. 3Mr Nel said..Mr De Klerk had vowed that the group principle was of the utmost importance for any political development in South Africa.
2. combination
group rights, the power of an ethnic group to determine its own future; used especially with regard to the protection of the white minority. See also own affair sense 1.
1987 E. Prov. Herald 15 June 9President PW Botha has..drawn the line at the Constitutional Council’s plans to scrap all references to ‘group rights’.
1991 R.W. Johnson in Sunday Times 10 Feb. 21As soon as you hear someone talk about ‘group rights’ or ‘the oppressor’, you know which camp they’re in.
An ethnic group, as defined under the Group Areas Actgroup areanoun phrase2 a. Also attributive.

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