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gedoente, noun

1. A fuss; a complicated matter.
1970 E. Mundell Informant, Pearston (E. Cape)Now that was a big gedoente loading the cow onto the little lorry.
1993 M.-A. Finnemore Informant, GrahamstownThere was a whole gedoente about it.
2. A thing; a creation.
1972 B. Mills Informant, GrahamstownIts a chair that’s also a ladder — one of those gedoentes.
1993 S. Dikeni in Bua Dec. 32Marilyn Martin..just went on in Xhosa as if it was one of those things. And the occasion was not a hierjy gedoente nie, it was some important whatchacallit in the Grahamstown festival.
A fuss; a complicated matter.
A thing; a creation.

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