Dutch oven, noun phrase

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bakoond sense 1.
1852 Natal Mercury 23 Dec.Clearance Sale...1 Dutch Oven.
1931 F.C. Slater Secret Veld 155He next concentrated his energies on burning bricks and building a Dutch oven..about six feet high, six feet long and four feet wide. It had stone foundations and was otherwise constructed entirely of bricks — including an arched roof of brick-work. It had a small shelf or ledge at its front and an iron door about two feet square.
1965 C. Van Heyningen Orange Days 19My sister’s wedding cake was a huge success. It was baked in a Dutch oven we had. This oven was built outside the kitchen, of bricks, with a curved top and a door leading into the kitchen — a hole at the back of the oven let the smoke out.
1970 S. Sparks Informant, Fort BeaufortGranny used to bake her bread in the bakoond outside (Dutch oven).
1987 B. Munitich Ben’s Buddy 21Emily was in the courtyard, busy removing loaves from the old Dutch oven...Made out of clay bricks, it had baked bread for the Marshalls for over a hundred years.
1990 Weekend Post 17 Feb. (Leisure) 5Another restoration project on the cards is the dutch oven in the garden at the back of the house.
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