boerebeskuit, noun

boerbeschuit, boerbeskuitShow more Also boerbeschuit, boerbeskuit, boer biskuit, and with initial capital.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, boere see boere + beskuit (earlier beschuit) rusk.
Traditional, country-style rusked bun, either sweetened or unsweetened; Boer biscuit. See also beskuit.
1905 J. Du Plessis 1000 Miles in Heart of Afr. 32The boerbeschuit, biltong, meebos, and moskomfijt of South Africa are now requisitioned, and..make life (culinarily speaking) endurable.
1930 M. Raubenheimer Tested S. Afr. Recipes 59Boer Biskuit (Unsweetened Rusks)...Knead the ‘Biskuit’ rather there is always a risk of the dough turning sour overnight.
1936 C. Birkby Thirstland Treks 75The trekkers will not have bread to eat with their coffee, but they can have boer beskuit, the rough biscuit of the veld, in the ashes of the camp fire.
1949 L.G. Green In Land of Afternoon 164Nagmaal often meant leaving the farm for weeks at a stretch...There were new clothes to be made, shoes to be mended, boerebeskuit and loaves to be made for the trek.
1958 R.E. Lighton Out of Strong 13Tant Hendrina and their mother ranged in their talking from boer beskuit and the dutch oven it was baked in, to servant problems and knitting patterns.
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 27He had pushed aside his meagre old man’s breakfast of hot milk and dried boerebeskuit.
1978 Sunday Times 20 Aug. 15There, Andre Greyvensteyn, with the help of his mother, used the kitchen oven to make the company’s first product — boere-beskuit.
1984 Cape Times 31 Mar. 11I always thought one of the best customs of the volk was the breakfast habit of black coffee and Boerebeskuit, taken at 5am.
1987 B. Orpen in E. Prov. Herald 7 May 2It was a day for ‘boerbeskuit’ and home-brewed coffee simmering on coals under sunny skies, as farming life came to a halt in the small community.
Traditional, country-style rusked bun, either sweetened or unsweetened; Boer biscuit.
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