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doublejee, noun

Also doubeljee, doublegee.
1. [See dubbeltje noun2.] obsolete. dubbeltje noun2 sense 2.
1816 R.B. Fisher Importance of Cape of G.H. 52There is, indeed, a large quantity of the old English penny-pieces coined by Mr. Boulton, now in circulation, under the name of double gees, or twopence, for which they pass current.
1889 Blackwood’s Mag. (U.K.) Aug. 183We had to put a doublejee or so into the wooden shoe.
2. [See dubbeltjie noun2.] dubbeltjie noun2.
No longer common in South African English; used in Australian English (as ‘double-gee’) since 1872.
1823 T. Philipps Philipps, 1820 Settler (1960) Our Dogs were soon disabled by a prickly seed which gets into their feet; it..presents a thorn in every way it lies...Called a ‘doublejee’.., but for what reason I cannot conjecture.
[1991 A. Malan in You 7 Feb.The doublegee is a thorny weed that destroys pasture and maims lambs...Accidentally introduced from South Africa in Western Australia’s early farming days, the doublegee has thrived in the local conditions.]

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