Dorsland, noun

Doorst Land, DorstelandShow more Formerly also Doorst Land, Dorsteland, Dorstland, Durstland, and with small initial.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, a name given to the arid region of the Kalahari desert or to a similarly arid, waterless region; dors (earlier dorst) thirst + land land.
Dorsland Trek [see trek noun], the migration, from 1874 to 1880, of Boer families from the Transvaal (or South African Republic) north-westward through present-day Botswana and Namibia into south-western Angola; Thirstland Trek, see Thirstland sense 2; see also trek noun sense 4;
Dorsland trekker [see trekker], a member of the party of Boers who embarked on this journey; Thirstland Boer (see Thirstland sense 2). Also figurative, and attributive. See also Angola Boer.
a1951 H.C. Bosman in L. Abrahams Bosman at his Best (1965) 47‘The Great Dorstland Trek’, Koos Steyn shouted as we got ready to move off. ‘Anyway, we won’t fare as badly as the Dorstland Trekkers. We’ll lose less cattle than they did because we’ve got less to lose.’
1988 A. Hall-Martin et al. Kaokoveld 24The Dorsland trekkers, who had left the Transvaal and settled at Humpata in southern Angola, used the Kaokoveld as their annual hunting ground from about 1880 to 1908.