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domsiekte, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, dom stupid + siekte sickness; see quotation 1934.
Either of two ailments of sheep:
a. Twin pregnancy disease (see quotation 1976).
1927 Farming in S. Afr. Dec. 490 (Swart)There appears to be a correlation between domsiekte and droughty conditions.
1976 Mönnig & Veldman Handbk on Stock Diseases 257Twin Pregnancy Disease (Domsiekte, Pregnancy Disease)..is caused by a sudden shortage of easily combustible carbohydrate in the body of the sheep.
b. nonce. Seneciosis: see dunsiekte sense 1 b. Cf. malkop noun sense 1.
1990 J. Glen-Leary in Farmer’s Weekly 4 May 65The alkaloid poisons cause seneciosis (the staggers, or domsiekte).
Twin pregnancy disease (see quotation 1976).
Seneciosis: see dunsiekte1 b.

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