domsiekte, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, dom stupid + siekte sickness; see quotation 1934.
Either of two ailments of sheep:
a. Twin pregnancy disease (see quotation 1976).
1927 Farming in S. Afr. Dec. 490 (Swart)There appears to be a correlation between domsiekte and droughty conditions.
1932 M.W. Henning Animal Diseases 871 (Swart)Domsiekte is a disease of pregnant ewes occurring during the last few weeks of gestation, usually within a few days before lambing.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 43Domsiekte,..A new disease in pregnant ewes the cause of which is at present unknown, but it appears to be connected with the severe drought conditions that have prevailed during the last few years. Affected animals quite suddenly stop feeding, become dull and dejected,..and may stand on one spot for hours...A very stupid appearance is characteristic of the disease, hence the designation.
1937 Handbk for Farmers (Dept of Agric. & Forestry) 153September...Take precautions against domsiekte.
1957 Handbk for Farmers (Dept of Agric.) III. 463The cause of the disease has long been a mystery, but it has been shown at Onderstepoort that if fat, heavily pregnant ewes are suddenly put on to a poor diet of dry hay they contract domsiekte within a few days.
1957 Handbk for Farmers (Dept of Agric.) III. 464 [see quot. at sprinkaanbos sprinkaan sense 2].
1976 Mönnig & Veldman Handbk on Stock Diseases 257Twin Pregnancy Disease (Domsiekte, Pregnancy Disease) caused by a sudden shortage of easily combustible carbohydrate in the body of the sheep.
b. nonce. Seneciosis: see dunsiekte sense 1 b. Cf. malkop noun sense 1.
1990 J. Glen-Leary in Farmer’s Weekly 4 May 65The alkaloid poisons cause seneciosis (the staggers, or domsiekte).
Twin pregnancy disease (see quotation 1976).
Seneciosis: see dunsiekte1 b.
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