dolf, noun

Also dolph, and with initial capital.
Named for a 19th century cabinet-maker, Dolf Labuschagne.
Especially in Namibia: kiaat. Also attributive.
1975 S. Afr. Panorama June 22These artists can chop the wood for their work literally at their doorstep...Their favourite is red Dolph wood which is ideal for carving purposes.
1976 O. Levinson Story of Namibia 64Kavango was the most fortunate of the homelands as far as water was concerned...Timber is a promising industry with the beautiful ‘dolf’ and ‘usivi’ (chivi) trees.
1979 S. Afr. Digest 16 Nov. 3A sawmill at Rundu, built to help conserve indigenous trees and supply wood to the local carving industry...Only Dolf wood,..Rhodesian teak and usivi (guibortia coleosperma) are used.
1984 R.J. Poynton Characteristics & Uses of Sel. Trees 127Dolf, Pterocarpus angolensis.
Especially in Namibia: kiaat. Also attributive.
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