doh-die, noun

Also dodai, do-die, and with initial capital.
Etymology unknown.
The winning number in a game of fah-fee.
1956 L. Longmore in S. Afr. Jrnl of Science Vol.52 No.12, 277There are 36 numbers in all, 3 of which are called ‘stops’ or Dodais...This is Saturday, so the numbers which came on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the ‘stops’. Thursday and Friday numbers cannot come; Wednesday’s may be the remote possibility.
1973 M. Phillips Catchee ChinamanThirty-six numbers — each of them..a possible Do-Die or winning number — The Do-die is written on a tiny slip of paper which is taken from the red lacquer box each evening by the Fah Fee King — or Die China who is the banker.
1980 R. Govender Lahnee’s Pleasure 28Sunny:..What’s doh-die today? Johnny: Thirty-six.
The winning number in a game of fah-fee.
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