doekie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, doek see doek + diminutive suffix -ie.
doek sense 2.
1953 Drum Sept. 3Doekies off — smart hats on — that’s the spring motto of modern women.
1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 29Young girls..wearing black shawls or wrapped in blankets, wearing black doekies, head scarves or black berets.
1979 Het Suid-Western 12 Sept.Everything about the baking of those cakes is immaculately hygienic — from the doekie Mrs Wilma wears around her hair to the sterilising of all the implements used.
1985 A. Tredgold Bay between Mountains 80The women in bright skirts..topped by a pretty blouse and an embroidered ‘doekie’.
1990 G. Slovo Ties of Blood 279Moses could see the heads of the people.., the women’s doekies bobbing up and down as they gossiped.
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