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dagha, verb transitive

daager, daggaShow more Also daager, dagga, dagher.
See dagha noun.
To smear (floors or walls) with dagha.
1855 R.J. Mullins Diary. 17 JuneI will have a new floor put in my room when I come back from Grahamstown. Meanwhile I am going to dagga some damaged patches.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 137Dagher, To, To apply dagher to floors or walls.
To smear (floors or walls) with dagha.
Hence daghaed participial adjective, daghaing verbal noun.
1879 R.J. Atcherley Trip to Boërland 215We all three tried to sleep, in one bed...I preferred the daagered floor, which was comparatively flea-free.
1918 C. Garstin Sunshine Settlers 141Eventually we got the poles tarred, planted in position, and wired together. Then came the daggaing. The earth was shovelled out of an abandoned ant-heap, mixed with water and cow-dung, and trodden into a paste by the feet of my boys, very much as grapes are trodden in Provencal winepresses.

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