clear, verb intransitive

AfrikaansShow more Translation of Afrikaans uitklaar, klaar uit see klaar verb sense 1.
army slang
In the phrase to clear out.
to klaar out (see klaar verb sense 1).
Hence clearing out verbal noun phrase, klaaring out (see klaar verb sense 1); also attributive.
1980 Sunday Times 12 Oct. 9The attitude of the defence force now was to encourage and motivate national servicemen to study from the time they received their call-up papers to the time they clear out.
1988 E. Prov. Herald 27 May 3SADF: Clearing out dates to be spread...National servicemen would be advised individually by their units when they would clear out in order to enable them to make the necessary arrangements with their parents.
to klaar outklaarverb1.
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