Chuana, noun

Also Choana, Chwana.
seTswana, Show more Englished form of seTswana Tswana (see Motswana), or perhaps representing obsolete seTswana pronunciation of an earlier form of the word.
Also attributive, passing into adjective.
a. Bechuana sense 1 a. b.  Tswana sense 2 a.
a1864 L. Grout Zulu-Land 60The numerous tribes which occupy this broad section of southern and central Africa..form a single group...For this group no name has yet been definitely adopted...Some would call it Kafir...The term Chuana, the root of Bechuana and Sechuana, is..less objectionable and has already been used to some extent by able writers.
1930 S.T. Plaatje Mhudi (1975) 35This Matabele speared his comrade for allowing a dog of a Chuana woman to curse his king’s armies.
2. Setswana.
1928 [see Sotho sense 2 a].
1932 D. Jones Outline of Eng. Phonetics 227Strong stress without accompanying loudness is a common feature of the Chwana language of South Africa.
1952 Drum Jan. 27He became the author of many Chuana books and established bursaries for the children to get higher education.
Also attributive, passing into adjective.
Bechuana1 a. b. Tswana2 a.
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