Setswana, noun

α. se-Chuana, SechuanaShow more se-Chuana, Sechuana, Sechwana, Secwana, Sichuana, Sitchuana;
β. Setsoana, Setswana.
seTswana, Show more seTswana seTswana, noun prefix se- + tswana see Motswana; the α forms perhaps represent an obsolete seTswana pronunciation of the word.
The language of the Tswana people, spoken mainly in the North West Province and in Botswana; Bechuana sense 2; Chuana sense 2; Tswana sense 1. Also attributive.
Also occasionally called Western Sotho. With Northern Sotho (or sePedi) and Southern Sotho (or seSotho), seTswana is one of the three main Sotho-Tswana languages. See also Sotho sense 2.
1824 W.J. Burchell Trav. II. 295The Bachapins call this language the Sichuána.
1829 W. Shaw Diary. 16 MayHis the Sichuan Language signifies a Battle Axe.
1835 A. Smith Diary (1940) II. 39Mr Moffat had a Dutch service in the morning, in the middle of the day an English service, and in the evening one in Sitchuana.
1835 D. Lindley in D.J. Kotze Lett. of American Missionaries (1950) 86The Sitebeli is much the same with the Sichuana in its structure, many words are the same in both languages.
1841 W. Shaw in B. Shaw Memorials 263The language spoken by the Baraputsi is not Sechuana but Kaffir, with a dialect like that of the Zuloos.
1857 D. Livingstone Missionary Trav. 201The language of the Bechuanas is termed Sichuana.
1860 W. Shaw Story of my Mission 574The Gospel is regularly preached within these Districts by the Wesleyan Missionaries in four different languages; vis., the English, Dutch, Kaffir, and Sechuana.
1871 J. Mackenzie Ten Yrs N. of Orange River 40Most of the young missionaries had preached short sermons in Sechuana...At that time there was no printed vocabulary, and practically no grammar on the language.
1896 H.A. Bryden Tales of S. Afr. 164Much of their speech resembled the Sechuana and Basuto tongues.
1905 Native Tribes of Tvl 137Sechuana is so closely allied to Sesuto, that it is sometimes difficult to discern to which of these languages certain dialects spoken in the Transvaal belong.
1918 H. Moore Land of Good Hope 192He became one of the chief authorities upon the Sechuana language, and mastered Baralong as well.
1928 E.H.L. Schwarz Kalahari & its Native Races 106The Bakalahadi speak a debased Sechuana, so from that standpoint they have been regarded as the precursors of the whole Bechuana nation.
1930 S.T. Plaatje Mhudi (1975) 63Two of the Qoranna men could speak a few Sechuana words.
1951 H. Davies Great S. Afr. Christians 19The man who first reduced Sechuana (the language of the Bechuana) to writing and then translated the whole of the Bible into this tongue.
1964 D. Varaday Gara-Yaka 108When at a loss for a word he helped himself in Afrikaans, Chivenda, Sechwana, Zulu and Shangaan.
1965 J.D. Jones in Setswana Dict. (1982) p.viThe Secwana language has several dialects.
1941 E.H.S. Motlemekoane in Bantu World 25 Jan. (Suppl.) 1I cannot see why Southern Suto, Setsoana and Sepedi should be considered unifiable, whereas Xhosa and Zulu aren’t.
1953 A. Sandilands Intro. to Tswana p.xWhen referring to the language by name, I have used, as of equal validity, both its forms — the long-established prefixal form ‘Setswana’, and the modern ‘dehydrated’ form ‘Tswana’, which has gained currency of recent years.
1965 J.D. Jones in Setswana Dict. (1982) p.iiiThe preceding generation..pioneered the study of the language,..systematising their studies into the first Setswana grammars...Setswana, in its beauty and subtlety, has exercised a great fascination on these men.
1990 Weekly Mail 11 May 6Her many years of exile in Europe did not prevent her from addressing the people in impeccable Setswana.
The language of the Tswana people, spoken mainly in the North West Province and in Botswana; Bechuana2; Chuana2; Tswana1. Also attributive.
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