brandy bush, noun phrase

South African DutchShow more Translation of South African Dutch brandewynbosch, brandewyn brandy + bosch bush.
The moretlwa, Grewia flava.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 364They (sc. Hottentots) are fond of brandy, but their distance from the Colony prevents their being gratified to the extent of their wishes or means. An attempt at distilling a spirit from the berries of, what they therefore call, the Brandewyn-bosch (Brandy-bush) had succeeded.
1972 Palmer & Pitman Trees of Sn Afr. II. 1439Farmers in the Transvaal once made..a brandy known as mampoer from the fermented fruits, and here the species (sc. Grewia flava) is widely known as ‘brandy-bush’.
1982 Fox & Norwood Young Food from Veld 351Grewia flava...Common names: English — brandy bush, raisin tree, wild plum.
1987 F. Von Breitenbach Nat. List of Indigenous Trees 126Grewia flava,...Velvet Raisin, Wild Raisin, Raisin Tree, Brandy-bush.
The moretlwa, Grewia flava.

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