Border, noun

Also with small initial.
EnglishShow more Special senses and uses of general English border limit or boundary.
Usually the Border:
1. That region of the Eastern Cape lying south of the Great Kei river and east of the Katberg river. Also attributive.
Historically, the region adjoining the boundary of the Cape Colony. See also Frontier.
1832 Graham’s Town Jrnl 30 Mar. 55Public Meeting in Caffreland...A number of respectable persons from Albany attended the meeting, and appeared greatly interested in the proceedings, as also in the evident progress making in the conversion and civilization of the border Caffres.
1852 M.B. Hudson S. Afr. Frontier Life 181The Graham’s Town Board of Defence have of late To the governor sent, representing the state Of the country again; how the reigning disorder, And Hottentot treason have crippled the Border.
1886 J. Noble Cape of G.H.: Off. Handbk 102King Williamstown, or ‘King,’ as it is sometimes shortly termed, ranks as an important commercial centre. It has also the chief command of the native trade, extending beyond the Border and north to Basutoland.
1893 H.B. Sidwell Story of S. Afr. 122From the loss of the year 1857 the Kafir tribes have never recovered...Years of quiet followed the great unrest on the border.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 80Border, The, The Districts of King Williamstown and East London are often spoken of as ‘The Border’ or ‘The Frontier’, because they are situated between the Colony proper and the native territories.
1969 I. Vaughan Last of Sunlit Yrs 48A wave of nostalgia for the little Border villages, the rolling grass hills, the cheerful chattering Bantu.
1970 Daily Dispatch 6 June 8It is worth noting that this is more than the anniversary of the 1820 Settlers. It is also the birthday of the Border.
1979 S. Afr. Panorama July 27The region is commonly called The Border — that part of the Eastern Cape Province where White and Black first made contact two centuries ago this year, in 1779, when the White settlement at the Cape of Good Hope was 127 years old.
1986 E. Prov. Herald 19 Aug.The Border selectors did the unexpected when they axed their prolific points scorer centre Peter Ker-Fox.
1990 Weekly Mail 2 Feb. 9Several small Border towns are clashing with local authorities over the right to protest. In Tarkastad, west of Queenstown, the town council is desperately trying to end a consumer boycott.
2. Special Combinations
border area, a declared area, situated on the borders of a homeland, in which concessions are offered to industry in order to attract investment and development;
border industry, a white-owned industry established on the South African side of the boundary of a homeland, in terms of the National Party government’s policy of decentralization; also attributive.
1955 Report of Commission for Socio-Economic Dev. of Bantu Areas (UG61–1955) 140A border area where development takes place in a European area situated so closely to the Bantu Areas, that families of Bantu employees engaged in that development, can be established in the Bantu Area in such a way that the employees can lead a full family life.
1959 H.F. Verwoerd in Hansard 29 June 9432White South Africa will have two industrial legs, the one being the White industry deep in the White interior and the second the industries owned by White people and employing the Bantu labour coming from the Bantu areas because these industries are in the border areas.
1960 H.F. Verwoerd in T. Bell Indust. Decentral. (1973) 42By the concept of ‘border areas’ is meant those localities or regions near the Bantu areas, in which industrial development takes place, through European initiative and control, but which is so situated that the Bantu workers can maintain their residences and family lives in the Bantu areas...Those regions within approximately 30 miles of the Bantu areas may be regarded as border areas.
1969 Survey of Race Rel. (S.A.I.R.R.) 97Assistance by the State..led to the establishment of 135 new industrial concerns and to the expansion of 74 existing concerns in border areas.
1971 Daily Dispatch 24 May 1Among the substantial hand-outs to be offered to industrialists prepared to move away from the established areas are a seven-year tax holiday for industries in the border areas and a ten-year tax free period for homelands industries.
1986 P. Maylam Hist. of Afr. People 181A number of black townships in white urban areas have been demolished and their occupants removed to new townships in ‘homeland’ border areas, from where Africans commute to their places of work.
1959 H.F. Verwoerd in Hansard 29 June 9432The Border industries, which will also be White industries in the White area, although Bantu will come across the border of their own territory to work there — those industries will absorb the majority of these 14,000,000 Bantu.
1962 A.J. Luthuli Let my People Go 201The Bantustan planners..offer a solution to the desperate poverty of the Reserves. They propose to establish ‘border industries’. White industrialists are invited to place factories on the edges of the destitute Reserves. The bait is cheap labour.
1968 Green Bay Tree (pamphlet) p.xxxixIt is trying to meet the problem — and also its own desperate desire to get some black workers out of South African cities — by its policy of encouragement for ‘border industries.’
1970 E. Kahn in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. I. 483One of the methods used from mid-1961 to promote the apartheid ideal has been the encouragement of ‘border industries’ in White areas close to the reserves, to which the Bantu workers can return at night or the week-ends.
1973 T. Bell Indust. Decentral. 123The border industries policy cannot be convincingly explained in terms of objectives like redistributing income, shortening travelling distances within urban areas, maintaining communal ties intact, or alleviating the social evils associated with large population concentrations.
1983 S. Afr. 1983: Off. Yrbk (Dept of Foreign Affairs & Info.) 205In the early 1960s the Government..launched a programme in terms of which various incentives are offered industrialists to start new enterprises in areas just outside the border of the national states or to move their businesses from the metroplitan regions to these areas so that jobs could be taken to the work-seekers...These projects and investments do not seem to have generated sufficient economic development in the national states...In the period 1972 to 1975..36,8 per cent [of the 100 000 young men and women who entered the labour market in the Black states every year] had found jobs in ‘border’ industries, while the rest were potential migrant workers or remained unemployed.
1987 New Nation 6 Aug. 16She helped organise strikes against the border industry system by which employers closed factories in urban areas and moved them to rural regions where they could draw on vast cheap labour resources.
1988 A. Fischer in Boonzaier & Sharp S. Afr. Keywords 131Because it was committed to the establishment of so-called ‘border industries’ (which meant that industrial developments remained within ‘white’ South Africa), the government spent only a fraction of the sum which Tomlinson had recommended for this diversification (sc. of economic activity within the Reserves).
3. In historical contexts.
a. Those areas in which military contact took place between the South African Defence Force and members of Umkhonto we Sizwe (or the South West African People’s Organization), especially the border of Namibia with Angola. See also boys on the border (boy sense 2 c), operational area.
1978 Pace Dec. 61‘What do you think, Mrs Maponya,’ I ask. ‘Should the blacks help to fight on the border?’
1979 Paratus Jan. 36The men on the border are isolated from their families for periods of up to three months or more and are separated from home by vast distances.
1981 Fair Lady 8 Apr. 7You will hear very little about what it’s like ‘somewhere on the Border’. He doesn’t need official warnings about security.
1987 M. Maartens Ring around Moon 19On the border...We don’t know exactly where. The last we heard, he was somewhere deep in Angola.
1988 P. Wilhelm Healing Process 23Better, perhaps, than the deadly monotony of camp life under severe discipline — or a posting on the Border, that ill-defined ring around South Africa.
b. Attributive, in the following Special Combinations:
border duty;
border literature;
border story;
border war.
1979 Darling 7 Feb. 24By now, literally thousands of young men have been called-up for army training and will eventually report for Border duty.
1979 Daily Dispatch 18 Oct. 7The number of South African troops doing ‘border duty’ could be significantly reduced two years from now even if there is no international agreement on South West Africa..head of the armed forces in the territory, said yesterday.
1986 Sunday Times 13 July (Lifestyle) 4Should men be employed before border duties commence, they will receive automatic salary increases in their absence.
1987 H. Scholtz Circular (HAUM Literary) 2 Sept.He has now moved away from that poetic type of prose to write a gripping, relevant youth novel depicting the ravages of war; a novel that could well be described as ‘border literature’.
1988 Bunn & Taylor From S. Afr. 27‘Border’ literature is that emergent genre associated specifically with the experience of young white conscripts forced to defend apartheid in the various wars on the borders of Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
1986 Pretoria News 24 Sept. 13A collection of 18 so-called ‘borderstories, this little work provides the reader with a rare insight into the everyday vicissitudes of our pesent-day crop of young men in uniform.
1990 D. Gordon in Sunday Times 28 Oct. 1The SABC launched the programme in 1961, at the start of mandatory national service...‘The show’s popularity grew as the border war developed.’
That region of the Eastern Cape lying south of the Great Kei river and east of the Katberg river. Also attributive.
Those areas in which military contact took place between the South African Defence Force and members of Umkhonto we Sizwe (or the South West African People’s Organization), especially the border of Namibia with Angola.
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