bokmakierie, noun

bacbakiri, backbakiriShow more Formerly also bacbakiri, backbakiri, back-my-keerie, bakbakiri, beckbecary, bekmakeri, bok-bok-makirie, bokmakary, bok-ma-keirie, bokmakeri, bokmakerie, bok-makerij, bokmakerrie, bokmakiri, bokmakirie, bokmakirri, bokmakirrie.
South African DutchShow more South African Dutch, onomatopoeic: imitative of the call of the male bird and the immediate response of the female.
A large green, yellow, and black shrike, Telophorus zeylonus of the Malaconotidae; kokkewiet sense b. Also attributive.
1834 Cape of G.H. Lit. Gaz. Apr. 52A rivulet..flows through it (sc. the Kloof) with a trickling murmur that mingles well with the..cry of the beckbecary, and the twittering of the graceful sugar-birds.
a1839 C.W. Smith Christopher Webb Smith (1965) 22Bokmakary Thrush.
1852 T. Pringle in Godlonton & Irving Narr. of Kaffir War of 1850–51–52 247Pleasant the rest under the orange boughs — to listen to the cry of the buck-my-keerie (whip-poor-will).
1856 R.E.E. Wilmot Diary (1984) 131The wonderful duet which the cock and hen bokmakierie keep up will most assuredly attract his notice as he wanders among the protea groves of Wynberg and Claremont.
1867 E.L. Layard Birds of S. Afr. 161Bacbakiri...Its loud call of ‘bacbakiri’, its imitative powers, and bright plumage, render it one of the most conspicuous birds of the colony.
1888 Cape Punch 4 Apr. 203Do you see those bokmakiries? Do you hear their melody?
1908 Haagner & Ivy Sketches of S. Afr. Bird-Life 98The well-known easily recognisable by its yellow and green plumage and black chest-band.
[1910 D. Fairbridge That Which Hath Been (1913) 106Overhead a green and yellow bird cried ‘Bok, bok, bok,’ to a distant mate, whose melodious response, ‘makeri, makeri,’ echoed dreamily through the warm air.]
c1933 J. Juta in A.C. Partridge Lives, Lett. & Diaries (1971) 153The haunt of..the brilliant Bokmakierie, golden, yellow and black, with a ringing clear call, sung in duets by the inseparable pairs but sounding like a single voice.
1937 M. Alston Wanderings 36The green and gold of the bakbakiri shrike shone from many a fence.
1949 L.G. Green In Land of Afternoon 106In the English countryside the peacock’s cry announces changing weather; in the Cape the call to heed is that of the bokmakierie.
1983 K.B. Newman Newman’s Birds 380Bokmakierie, Telophorus zeylonus. Common resident...The calls are duets between both sexes and are variable, e.g. ‘bok-makiri’, ‘kok-o-vit’, ‘bok-bok-chit’, ‘wit, wit-wit’ or ‘pirrapee-pirrapoo’, each sequence repeated at about three-second intervals.
1987 J. Quest Burning River 14Two bokmakieries tok-tokked and kwirred at each other outside.
1990 Weekly Mail 4 May 21Since Tuesday, the country’s external radio service has been broadcasting only to Africa, the rest of catching its doleful call sign — the call of the bokmakierie..— only by..chance.
A large green, yellow, and black shrike, Telophorus zeylonus of the Malaconotidae; kokkewietb. Also attributive.
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