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boeremeisie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, boere see boere + meisie girl.
1. An unsophisticated country girl; an Afrikaner girl; meisie sense 2; plaasmeisie, see plaas sense 1 c. Also attributive. See also boereseun.
[1972 Grocott’s Mail 28 Jan. 3The magazine is richly illustrated in the traditional rag magazine style and has numerous colour and black and white photographs of the ‘Boeremeisies,’ the rag queen finalists.]
1989 You 16 Nov. 13‘Boeremeisie’ Patsy Kensit steals Mel’s heart — but only in the film Lethal Weapon II.
2. figurative. Always in the plural : Brandied apricots. Cf. boerejongens.
1978 Daily Dispatch 26 July 11Her book is packed with goodies from 17th and 18th century Cape kitchens — sambals, breidies and Boeremeisies (brandied apricots).
1992 G. Etherington in Weekend Post 6 June 5Boeremeisies..are a..subtle blend, combining the succulence of sweet apricots with that country brandy known as witblits — a marriage made in heaven.
An unsophisticated country girl; an Afrikaner girl; meisie2; plaasmeisie, see plaas1 c. Also attributive.
Brandied apricots.

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