boep, noun2

/bʊp/, /bup/
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Shortened form of Afrikaans boepens paunch, from Dutch euphemism boeg-pens, boeg bow (of ship etc.) + pens (colloquial) stomach, paunch.
A paunch or potbelly. See also beer-boep.
1976 P. Soldatos in Darling 9 June 34For heaven’s sake, if you’re fat don’t wear your trousers tight. Everywhere we’ve got to look at three layers of boep sticking out.
1976 Het Suid-Western 22 Dec. 2We..firmly believe in Father Christmas. We don’t see him as a red faced old pagan with an enormous ‘boep’ a cotton wool beard and reindeer that land on your roof.
1980 Daily Dispatch 3 May 8I see what I’d never registered before — the sloppiness of white South Africans..the safari suits, or the shorts and T-shirts which seldom meet over bulging ‘boeps’.
1988 P. Page in Frontline Jan. 29No beer drinker worth his boep would feel at ease swigging the product of a company that was not enlightened and concerned and committed.
1991 H. Dugmore in Personality 5 Aug. 19The customers on this night are a mixed bag — from boep-heavy-boere to svelte sophisticates.
A paunch or potbelly.
Hence boepie adjective nonce.
1990 Personality 3 Dec. 22Who wants to exist on a mere glass of wine or beer — and that’s for a whole day? Grief, definitely not our boepie pal.
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