beer-boep, noun

EnglishShow more English beer + boep noun2.
A beer-drinker’s pot-belly; one who has a pot-belly. See also boep noun2.
1980 Sunday Times 9 Mar. (Mag. Sect.) 5Our duelling figures have been ruined by beer-boeps.
1984 Fair Lady 30 May 7South Africa is fast becoming a nation of..‘fat slobs’. They strut around our beaches with awful ‘beer boeps’ hanging over their swim shorts.
1985 Cape Times 5 Aug.In any South African pub the beer boeps seldom outnumber those who can see their navels without looking in a mirror.
1989 P. Lee in Sunday Times 22 Jan. (Mag. Sect.) 45Picture the typical South African sports spectator. He normally sports a beer boep, has a beer can clutched firmly in his hot sweaty might even spot the odd naartjie among his cushions and umbrellas.
1990 Sunday Times 5 Aug. 13Its not past our local rugger-buggers to pitch up for that special occasion..with their shirts unbuttoned to the navel and flaunting a beer boep.
1990 Personality 3 Dec. 22‘I saw the report,’ another beer boep told us, wiping the trickle of hops-in-liquid-form from his mouth.
A beer-drinker’s pot-belly; one who has a pot-belly.
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