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blue fish, noun phrase

Any of several species of marine fish, so called for a blueish element in their colouring. 1. The pampelmoesie, Stromateus fiatola. 2. Either of two species of sea chub of the Kyphosidae: a. Kyphosus bigibbus; see also bastard Jacob Evertson sense (b) (Jacob Evertson sense 3); b. K. cinerascens. 3. Either of two species of seabream of the Sparidae, Pachymetopon spp.: a. the bronze bream (sense b), P. grande; b. the Hottentot (noun sense 2 a), P. aeneum.
1905 H.E.B. Brooking in E. London Dispatch 7 Aug. 2The blue fish is partly herbivorous, partly carnivorous in its feeding, and, so far as I know, is only caught with ascidion (rock-bait) upon our part of the coast.
1986 Daily Dispatch 21 May 4Anglers are reminded that one is only permitted to catch five of the protected species — for example two bluefish and three shad per day.
The pampelmoesie, Stromateus fiatola.
Kyphosus bigibbus;
K. cinerascens.
the bronze bream (b), P. grande;
the Hottentot (noun2 a), P. aeneum.

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