blue crane, noun phrase

The blue-grey crane Anthropoides paradisea of the Gruidae; indwe sense 1; Stanley crane.
The national bird of South Africa. Also occasionally called paradise crane.
1801 J. Barrow Trav. I. 256These [nests] were judged to be at least sufficiently large..for the large blue cranes that sat by the river’s side near them.
1822 W.J. Burchell Trav. I. 508During the day, I had been employed in preparing the skin of the large blue crane.
1867 E.L. Layard Birds of S. Afr. 303Anthropoides Stanleyanus..Blue Crane of Colonists. Entirely of a leaden-blue, with the exception of the upper portion of the head, which is white, and the ends of the long drooping plumes of the wings, which are black.
1899 B. Mitford Weird of Deadly Hollow 230Fowls scratched and clucked around the kitchen door, among them the lanky, stilted figure of a blue crane, caught young, and easily domesticated.
1899 R.B. & J.D.S. Woodward Natal Birds 174Blue or Stanley Crane.
1911 Daily Dispatch 1 Mar. (Suppl.) 12Parrots, knysna loeries, jackal buzzards and blue cranes are examples of Ciskei’s rich birdlife.
1931 R.C. Bolster Land & Sea Birds 108The Blue Crane, which is gregarious in winter, likes open plains, with water near at hand. Its food is small reptiles, fishes, large insects, especially locusts and grasshoppers, roots, and seeds.
1967 E. Rosenthal Encycl. of Sn Afr. 129The Blue or Stanley Crane belongs to the Highveld and can be easily tamed.
1987 S. Afr. Digest 8 May 13South Africa also has a number of symbols derived from its wildlife...The springbok appears on the R1 coin, the protea on the 20c coin and the blue crane on the 5c coin.
1991 J. Cullum in Weekend Post 30 Mar. 3The survival of South Africa’s national bird, the blue crane, is in the balance, say ornithologists and conservationists...The blue crane is found only in South Africa.
1994 D. Allan in Afr. Wildlife Vol.48 No.4, 8The International Red Data Book is being revised...The draft of this revision includes the Blue Crane as a ‘globally threatened species’.
The blue-grey crane Anthropoides paradisea of the Gruidae; indwe1; Stanley crane.
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